October 8, 2018


Wanbdi Wakita & Pahan Pte San Win offered a workshop for the Sacred Fire Foundation in Asheville, North Carolina on November 17 – 18, 2018. This is what they have said about that event.



For thousands of years humans have gathered together around the fire for light, warmth and connection. Voices of Wisdom, an offspring of Ancient Wisdom Rising, is a new regional event by the Sacred Fire Foundation that brings communities together with local indigenous elders and wisdom keepers. In this time of great transition, Sacred Fire Foundation offers Voices of Wisdom as an opportunity to sit in circle and listen to elders, to each other and to fire. Being in the presence of the elders’ embodied wisdom can teach us how to open our relationship with nature, reciprocity, and capacity to “listen” to the living world around us.

Voices of Wisdom brings you together with Indigenous elders that embody ancestral wisdom. At this event, held around a Sacred Fire, elders speak and offer perspectives and experiences that will help you feel more aware of the sacred world around you.

The way toward a long-term sustainable future is to individually and collectively regain empathy with each other and the natural world. Through indigenous ancestral wisdom, Voices of Wisdom opens your heart to feel renewed connections within yourself, among participants and with the living world.

At the Sacred Fire Community in Asheville North Carolina, Voices of Wisdom welcomes elders Pahan Pte San Win (Lakota, Cree & Metis) and Wanbdi Wakita (Dakota) for Taku Wakan, Something Sacred.

One day Wanbdi had a powerful vision that changed his life. Since then he has had the job of making prayers for people. Pahan Pte San Win tells us, “The first time I had a vision I was 8 years old.” Learn what it means to have a vision and where that sacred experience can take you.

Our program with the elders will take place on Saturday. Participants are invited to attend an optional fire on Sunday that will help digest the teachings and experience with the elders the day before.  This will be hosted and facilitated by Patrick Hanaway and Lisa Lichtig, initiated firekeepers for Sacred Fire Asheville.

Each Voices of Wisdom event is hosted by a hamlet of the Sacred Fire Community, whose firekeeper holds the space for the gathering. Collaboratively, we create openings to reconnect with the land and the spirits of the place where we live.

This Voices of Wisdom gathering will be held at the Sacred Fire Council house and hearth near Asheville, NC. The hearth sits on 35 acres of diverse forest and pasture surrounded by Ivy Creek.  This area was once a dwelling place to the Cree and Tsalagi peoples. Currently, it is home to firekeepers, Patrick Hanaway and Lisa Lichtig, and a venue for wisdom teachings needed at this time.

Event Details & Registration

Program Schedule


10:00 – 11:00 am: Onsite registration. Please arrive with time to get settled and relax.

11:00 am: Offerings to the Fire followed by welcome and introduction of the speakers.

11:30 am – 1:30 pm: First speaker.

1:30 pm: A delicious potluck lunch!

3:00 pm – 5:00 pm:  Welcome and introduction of the second speaker.

5:00 pm: End of Saturday gathering.


6:00 pm: Arrive and make offerings to the Fire (no potluck this evening). Sharing circle on experiencing the Elders’ relationship with ancestral wisdom, and how it impacts our day-to-day lives.

9:00 pm: End of Sunday gathering.


Adults $50

There is a limited amount of tickets at a reduced rate of $35 for those in need.

Free admission for children under 14.


Onsite camping ($15/person per night) and limited lodging ($45/person per night with 3 people/room) is available for those coming from out of town.

Please contact lodging coordinator Jim Lindsey: (828) 333 – 2222,  before you register to check availability and make your reservation or for more information.


Please contact our registration coordinator Jane Wollack: (828) 702-6027,

For more information on the Sacred Fire Community, please visit

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