Teaching & Healing

Walking the Four Directions of Love

Years of guiding those lost in the darkness back to the light has gifted Pahan Pte San Win with a clear vision of the winding path one walks to heal. A sacredness revealed through prayer and the ceremonies of her Lakota ancestors has imparted Pahan with an authentic understanding of love and peace. An Indigenous writer, storyteller and motivational speaker, Pahan’s voice inspires, yet challenges audiences to consider an alternative perspective with the power to change our world. Pahan Pte San Win offers the presentation, Walking the Four Directions of Love.

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This is what some have said about Pahan’s workshop.

“I felt drawn towards Pahan. I would love to attend again with this wonderful, powerful, beautiful, loving woman.”

“My favorite part of the day was Pahan’s morning song. I would love to have a recording! She had the greatest affect on me. I found she touched on concerns I have.”

Spiritual & Cultural Teachings

Wanbdi Wakita is a captivating storyteller who utilizes song and lecture-style presentations to share his message about living a life in a sacred way . He teaches, “There is an order to living based on Natural Law. When we follow this way we live sustainably and in harmony with all nations on Mother Earth.”

Along with the workshop, Living a Life , Wanbdi Wakita offers cultural hands -on- experiences such as:

  • Tipi Teachings
  • The Making of a Drum
  • Dakota Language Classe

This is what some have said about Wanbdi Wakita’s teachings.

We were a group of seventy five diverse school professionals. Wanbdi held us spell bound as he spoke about his Dakota culture, traditions, spirituality and his experiences as a young boy in Sioux Valley, Manitoba. We knew we were listening to a deeply authentic, authoritative voice that opened our appreciation of First Nations People. ~ Catherine Hamilton M.Ed, CCC, Child, Youth and Adult Therapist

Your knowledge and stories have given me a brighter sense of life. ~ Walter Harry, student, Native Women’s Association, NWT

Your story was amazing. The way you told us about how you lived in the past touched our hearts and helped me to believe that the whole world can live in peace. ~ Florence Bishop, Student, Native Women’s Association, NWT

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