Aboriginal Circle of Educators Honours Pahan


In February 2016, Pahan Pte San Win was presented with the 10th Annual Aboriginal Circle of Educators Award in the category of Honouring Our Elders, Winnipeg Manitoba.

What makes her deserving of this honor? This is what some have said.

“… She has been working hard to promote Aboriginal culture and spirituality. She taught us women we could do anything. If one of us didn’t know how … we could take baby steps, and when we were finished … everyone would celebrate with cheers and laughter.” Kung Jaadee

“Her gentle presence and thoughtful responses to student inquiries reflect her respect for varying student needs and abilities … Pahan absolutely deserves to be recognized for her excellence as an Elder and educator.”
Mary Hower, Villa Rosa

“… I have trusted and followed her advice on the importance of living in an honest way and treating people and the land with dignity, respect and pride.”
Lila Erasmus


In this audio clip Pahan reflects on the work she has done with the people.