Building Cultural Competency & Confidence

Grandfather Wanbdi Wakita & Grandmother Pahan Pte San Win share knowledge, protocols and hands-on learning for individuals who want to feel more comfortable to enter Indigenous community and Ceremony. This will be a lovely, renewing day of deep learning; a one-day retreat with group discussion, great food and time to journal and walk-in nature. A holistic time to relax your mind and body and expand your heart and spirit.

Who?  Teachers, professionals and community members who want to learn more about Indigenous culture, practice and perspectives. Participants will gain cultural competency and the confidence to enter and participate in Indigenous community.

When? Saturday, April 13, 2019  9 – 5 p.m.

Where? Fort Whyte Alive, 1961 McCreary Rd, Winnipeg

Cost? $250 or $225 for A.C.E. members

Grandfather Wanbdi Wakita
Wanbdi Wakita, a Wicasa Wakan or Holy Man, is a residential school survivor, counselor and storyteller who has spent a lifetime making prayers for people. He possesses a rare breadth of traditional, cultural and sacred Knowledge.

Grandmother Pahan Pte San Win
Pahan, a Sundance Leader, is a Spiritual Caregiver and storyteller who has provided counseling support to residential school survivors, traumatized women, incarcerated men and youth. She shares teachings of love and promotes unity among nations.

Register?   Email us at or call 204 250 5637

Suggestions of what to bring? Comfy clothes and moccasins or slippers, a blanket and pillow, warm outdoor clothes, a journal, a long skirt or ribbon shirt if you have one, (offerings such as a pouch of tobacco and one metre of blue broadcloth – *optional), your stress and burdens to leave there and take home hope, inspiration and renewed energy.

The Day will Include:
9:00     Medicines
Knowledge – Sage, sweetgrass, cedar and tobacco (harvest, store, use) generic & specific
Protocol – Moontime, remove jewelry, put medicines away, wrap them in cloth
Experiential Learning – Cleansing Ceremony

Knowledge – Name, language, songs, colors
Protocol – Ribbon shirt/skirt, symbols, sacred objects, regalia
Experiential Learning – Introduce self

Taku Wakan – Something Sacred
Knowledge – Creator, Tunkansida or Sacred Spirits, process of prayer
Protocol – An altar, present yourself to Creator, say your name,
Experiential Learning – Begin day with an opening prayer

11:00     Lunch

12:00       Grandmother & Grandfather – Kunsi & Unkan
Knowledge – Who is an elder, ceremonial leader, medicine person or senior citizen?
Protocol – Listen more than talk. How & when to offer tobacco?
Experiential Learning – Make & present tobacco ties

1:00       Women Teachings
Knowledge – Sacredness, Leadership, the Original Pipe – The Story of Pte San Win
Protocol – Modesty in dress and action, wearing of a skirt in Ceremony, Moontime
Hands on Learning – Wear ceremonial skirt

Natural Law
Knowledge – Mitakuye owas. Harmony. Sustainable. Connectedness
Protocol – Offering to the water. Give thanks. Pray four times before we eat the food.

Social Context
Knowledge – A dark history & real reconciliation
Protocol – Healing, honesty & forgiveness
Experiential Learning – Group discussions.

3:00        Ceremony
Knowledge – Purification lodge ceremony, vision quest, Sundance
Protocol – Sacred objects, presenting yourself, offerings
Experiential Learning – Ceremony – present offerings and a feast

4:00        Feast

The COVID 19 pandemic is both a time of significant stress and an opportunity for growth, a re-examining of our ways as a human family. In response, can provide a virtual Sharing Circle to organizations and employee groups who want to come together for support.

Each Circle is 1 – 1.5 hours long and takes place on Zoom or other online platforms. Participants can share or listen as they wish. Send an email to to request a consultation.