Wanbdi Wakita, Grandfather to the University of Manitoba Access Program

After more than three decades, Wanbdi Wakita has completed his work in corrections to accept the position of Grandfather in Residence to the University of Manitoba Access Program. He said, “I’ve learned so much from the men over the years. I have many memories. Now is my time to go. Someone else can take my place to support our men who are in jails and prison. I’m looking forward to working with young people who are starting out, our future.”


The COVID 19 pandemic is both a time of significant stress and an opportunity for growth, a re-examining of our ways as a human family. In response, BearPawTipi.ca can provide a virtual Sharing Circle to organizations and employee groups who want to come together for support.

Each Circle is 1 – 1.5 hours long and takes place on Zoom or other online platforms. Participants can share or listen as they wish. Send an email to contact@bearpawtipi.ca to request a consultation.