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The Box & Circle Workshop

This powerful and interactive workshop is offered for groups to learn about the experience of Indigenous peoples in Canada. After receiving a vision for conducting the exercise, the Box and Circle workshop was created by Jann Derrick, PhD., a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist. The teachings and model have been used globally by professionals trained by Jann to create impactful workshops that address cultural sensitivity and the history of colonization and support the critical work necessary to advance anti-oppressive, inclusive practice. The workshop explores the effects of Residential Schools and Canada’s Policy of Assimilation and how we can work together to impact meaningful change. 


Unkan Wanbdi Wakita presents on the topics of Indian Residential School, Indigenous Veterans, and the Living a Life teachings.

Traditional Healer program

Wanbdi Wakita provides counseling and ceremonial supports to First Nations individuals and families through the Traditional Healer program, Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak.

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