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Kunsi Pahan Pte San Win

Kunsi Pahan Pte San Win is an expert storyteller who intertwines lived experience with training in Social Work and Indigenous Ceremony to form a powerful, authentic and loving voice.

Unkan Wanbdi Wakita

Unkan Wanbdi Wakita is a captivating storyteller who utilizes song and lecture-style presentations to share his knowledge.


Taku Wakan, Something Sacred

One day Unkan Wanbdi Wakita had a powerful vision that changed his life. Since then he has had the job of making prayers for people. Kunsi Pahan Pte San Win tells us, The first time I had a vision I was eight years old.

Take a rare and intimate peek into the lives of a spiritual leader whose inspiration through sacred instruction has ignited a passion to work for change, healing and unity for all. Sacredness urges us towards our most meaningful and authentic life. Learn how you can recognize, understand and act on these messages.

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Workshops & Presentations

Reconciliation & Indigenous Knowledge

I Don’t Even Know What I Don’t Know: Building Cultural Competency in Indigenous Community

Knowledge, protocols and hands-on learning for anyone who wants to feel more comfortable in Indigenous community or Ceremony. Ideal for those in education, social work, justice, child welfare, health and action

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 What some people have said about this workshop

“It is an excellent introduction to protocol. Presenters are so open to questions.”

“As competent and confident as I thought I was, it has been enhanced.”

“The content was very useful. Serves as a good foundation for further teachings and participation in ceremony.”

Walking Together into a Hopeful Future – Reconciliation

Explore the concept of reconciliation as a practice that requires decision-making, intention, a shift in perspective and a commitment that is accompanied by action.

This workshop will explore the issue of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (#MMIWG), examine how it is fueled by racism and marginalization, and learn about two powerful responses, the Walking with our Sisters Exhibit and the Sundance of Women.

Participants will answer the question, “How do I become an ally?” and learn about a Sacred Movement that has begun that promotes women in leadership with the support of men. 

 What some people have said about this workshop

It has been healing and integrating to learn from and spend time with Pahan, Wanbdi … I’ve recently been approaching Indigenous people with a desire to create a transformational program for youth and it has felt like walking into a field of landmines. Learning about how to support and be an ally to Indigenous people has given me the awareness and tools to navigate this work and these conversations in a more effective way.

Brodie Whitney


This course touched me deeply. I had little real understanding of native traditions and current experience. Exposure to the stories, the drumming, Indigenous spiritual practice has left me shaken – shaken in a good way – needing to reassemble my thoughts and experience about the richness and possibilities of Indigenous culture and wondering, “Where is the truth? Where is the reconciliation?” Women and spirituality within this context has been an expanding experience.

Wendy Blackmore

Working with Children

Wakan Ija: Children are Holy Too

Children are sacred – every single one. Traumatized children respond in predictable and often difficult ways. Pahan Pte San Win’s work with incarcerated youth has taught her some surprising lessons about trauma response and what youth need in order to return to stable and vibrant human beings.

What some people have said about this workshop”

“Loved the presenters, Pahan and Wanbdi, their style, welcoming, calm, inviting. Great format and agenda. Day flowed well. Fantastic content. I enjoyed being able to be listened to, not instructed. The day was incredibly moving and inspiring. Shared valuable teachings and a model to use that she calls, “One Good Day”. I really enjoyed Pahan’s list of things that she did that worked well for children in custody.”


Self Care for the Caregiver
ONE day workshop

When a worker deals with overwhelming stress in the workplace, or works with clients who are in crisis, they often require rigorous supports and self care to protect from burnout, compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma. It can be confusing for the worker, co-workers and managers to know how to determine whether someone is coping well or not, and to provide adequate supports.

“Self Care for the Caregiver” will help workers explore how to assess one’s level of stress and examine what factors can help them to cope. Participants will develop personal action plans to promote ongoing wellness.

What some people have said about this workshop:

It is therapeutic to be able to get a break from work and to focus on self-care. Got a lot of insight. I’ll be able to take what I learned back to work and in my personal life to set boundaries. Love the guided meditations, conversations were helpful, all topics were relevant and thought provoking. I felt heard and that there was a genuine attempt at and interest in connection.

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The COVID 19 pandemic is both a time of significant stress and an opportunity for growth, a re-examining of our ways as a human family. In response, can provide a virtual Sharing Circle to organizations and employee groups who want to come together for support.

Each Circle is 1 – 1.5 hours long and takes place on Zoom or other online platforms. Participants can share or listen as they wish. Send an email to to request a consultation.