Kunsi Pahan Pte San Win is an expert storyteller who intertwines lived experience with training in social work and Indigenous ceremony to form a powerful, authentic and loving voice.

Unkan Wanbdi Wakita is a captivating storyteller who utilizes song and lecture-style presentations to share his knowledge.

Teaching & Healing


Husband and wife team, Wanbdi Wakita and Pahan Pte San Win, offer the following presentations & workshops: 

Workshop: Building Cultural Competency & Confidence Levels 1 & 2

Knowledge, protocols and hands-on learning for Indigenous and non-Indigenous individuals who want to feel more comfortable in Ceremony or to enter into Indigenous community. Ideal for those in education, social work, justice, child welfare, health and action therapy.

Workshop: Wakan Ijan: Children are Holy Too

Children are sacred, every single one. Traumatized children respond in predictable and often troublesome ways. Pahan Pte San Win’s work with incarcerated youth has taught her some surprising lessons about trauma response and what youth need in order to return to stable and vibrant human beings.

Workshop: Walking Together into a Hopeful Future – Reconciliation with Indigenous People

 Indigenous teachings provide a roadmap that lead us towards a life on Mother Earth that is both harmonious and sustainable. It requires a return to balance within – heart, mind, body and Spirit – and without. Explore the concept of reconciliation as a practice that requires decision-making, intention, a shift in perspective and a commitment that is accompanied by action. Create personal action plans that identify steps that you will take to begin the practice of reconciliation as a way of life.

Workshop: Taku Wakan: Something Sacred

A rare and intimate window into the lives of two Indigenous Spiritual leaders, whose inspiration through Sacred instruction and struggles with non-indigenous oppressive systems fuel their passion to work for change. This presentation includes learnings of Dakota history, culture and spirituality through an exploration of the Indian Residential School experience, holistic wellness from an Indigenous perspective and traditional spiritual and healing practices.

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This is what some have said about their presentations.
  • “More than I could have expected.”
  • “Gifted speakers through instructions and action.”
  • “Helps me to understand where I come from and where I need to go.”
  • “Wanbdi is honest and genuine.” Theressa Genaille
  • “I appreciated that the presenters shared personal experiences. I feel honoured to hear them speak.  I wish the presentation could have been longer.  They have so much knowledge to be shared.” Samantha Hebert
  • “Very inspirational, personal stories were heart touching.”
  • “Good choice of speaker.  Hits home with many people/youth, lots of traditional knowledge.”
  • “Had my attention the whole time.”
  • “Pahan is a lovely lady with great public speaking.” Theressa Genaille